Using Google Calendar with your Church web site

Adding a New Calendar

Adding a New Calendar

One of the best ways to manage calendars and events is Google Calendar. It allows everybody connected with your church to access and view your calendar from anywhere and on any device.

If members of your congregation have a Smart Phone, for example, they can add a public calendar you have created on Google Calendar to their phone, keeping them informed about what is going on in the life of your church.

On churchuna, the incredible Google Calendar Plugin lets you integrate multiple calendar feeds into your site, so that they appear automatically on your site. But you manage the calendar from Google.

Getting Started

To start using Google, you will of course need a Google account.

Once logged in to Google, head over to Google Calendar and create a new calendar. You can do this by clicking the small arrow in the My Calendars section.

You can of course use Google for your own personal events, which you may already be doing. But with Google you can create and manage multiple calendars. You can make any of these public and can also allow other people to share the management of a calendar.

So it is best to create a calendar just for the church events and make it public. You could also add other members of the church to manage the calendar (add and remove events) if required. Some churches will create more than one calendar, perhaps having one for managing the preaching calendar and another for general events.

Adding the Calendar to Your Site

  1. In your site’s dashboard visit Settings->Google Calendar Events.
  2. Click Add Feed.
  3. Enter the url for your Google Calendar in the Feed URL box. This feed is the xml feed found in the Calendar Settings page for your Google Calendar.
  4. Save this feed. You can come back later and adjust the options found here to change the way the feed displays on your site.

Now that you have added your Calendar feed, you can use the Google Calendar events feed to insert a display of your latest events in a sidebar or any widget enable part of your theme.

You may want to go back to the page where you added the feed and change the display options for the feed at this point.

Customizing your Calendar Display

The plugin includes some powerful features to customize the display of your calendar feed(s). Check out the page in our User Guide for more information: Displaying Events from Google Calendar

For more advanced users, the plugin’s homepage contains many more details.