Display Your Twitter Feed on Your Church Site

Using social networking sites like facebook and Twitter can greatly enhance your church’s visibility on-line and help build a stronger sense of community. Following our recent post about using a facebook page feed with your site, we thought we’d complete the picture with a post about using Twitter with your church web site.

Displaying Your Twitter Feed on Your Church Web Site

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteIf your church has a Twitter account, you can use the Twitter widget available in churchuna to display your latest tweets. If not, then why not create one? It can be a great tool for spreading the word about what’s going on in your community and starting conversations with others.

Adding a Twitter Feed to your site is done using the Twitter Widget you will find in Appearance->Widgets in your site’s dashboard.

Using the Twitter Feed Widget

1. Visit the Widgets page in Appearance->Widgets.


2. Select and drag the Twitter Widget into one of the widget areas available with your chosen theme. (Each theme has different widget-ready areas, so your screen may look a little different).


3. To use Twitter on your site, you will need to create a Twitter App and enter the relevant API keys in the fields in the widget options.

To create a Twitter App:

Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new and log in, if necessary. Create a new app and just select “Read Only” access.


Copy the keys from your Application’s details page and paste them into the widget in churchuna.


4. With your API keys in place, you can now just add your twitter handle/username and the number of tweets to show.


5. Visit your site and check all is working. The widget cache’s the feed so updates won’t always be instantaneous.